Informal care

Informal care substitute for the elderly, the disabled and the sick

Informal care refers to arranging the care of an elderly, disabled or sick person in home conditions with the help of a relative or other person close to the person being cared for (family caregiver).

It is important for the family caregiver’s ability to cope that they, too, have the opportunity to take regular days off. In general, a family caregiver is entitled to 2-3 days off per month.

We at Life Assistant provide safe care during these holidays and holidays. Thanks to a reliable substitute, the family caregiver can relax and focus on their own time, rest and recreation without worries.

The Life Assistant produces informal care support at home for the elderly, the disabled and the sick in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kerava.

Who acts as a substitute for informal care?

The life assistant provides high-quality and reliable care during the family caregiver’s holidays and holidays. We plan the replacement according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Life assistants in informal care are professionals trained for their task. Our employees have long experience of working with different customer groups.

We provide the same, familiar and safe, reliable substitute for the holidays and holidays.


How is substitute informal care paid??

With us, you can pay for the service yourself or with a service voucher issued by the municipality. The first survey visit is free of charge for the customer.

The content of the service purchased with the service voucher can be determined by the family caregiver himself or herself. The service may include, for example, caring for and assisting a family caregiver, going to the store, cooking, doing laundry and cleaning.

However, the more detailed content of the service is always tailored to the customer’s needs on a case-by-case basis together with the subscriber of the service. A service plan is drawn up with the customer, which defines, among other things, the need, scope and duration of the service.

Informal care substitute in different languages

We offer services in many different languages. We currently provide the service in Finnish, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


How do I become a customer?

Professional support services are intended for working-age adults,subscribed by the social service. You can also ask directly the social work office, if you feel like you could benefit from the service.

We also provide support services for self-paying customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on any questions that you may have . All contacts are confidential and do not include any commitment to anything.

Service in different languages

Life assistant currently offers services in finnish, english, spanish and portuguese. You can contact us in any of these languages.

The same language speaking employee facilitates official affairs, because he or she can explain and guide the supported person to understand matters concerning the client in his or hers own mother tongue.


Book a free appointment by filling in the contact form or by calling 050 544 6543 (Mon–Fri 7–17 or Sat–Sun 8–16).